Let’s Build a Sexually Open Society

Why Sexuality is Considered Taboo?

Why do we Need a Sexually Open Society?

A Sex Education, Awareness and Discussion Platform

Without Embracing Sexuality, You Can Never Embrace Love.

If You Are Not Comfortable with Sexuality, You will never be Comfortable with Love.

When It Comes to Sexuality, Our Ancestors Were More Open Minded Than Us.

For Them Sexuality was as Sacred and Spiritual as Worshiping God.

They Experimented, Embraced and Enjoyed Sexuality.

In Today’s Rat-Race, we have Forgotten to Live, Enjoy and Embrace our Life.

Through eyes we enjoy good sights,

Through nose we enjoy good smells,

Through Tongue we enjoy tasty foods,

Through skin we enjoy massages and various sensations,

So Why Can’t We Enjoy a Good Sex from Our Genitals?

Sexuality is one of the most pleasurable and fulfilling gift that Nature has provided to humankind.

But, instead of enjoying and embracing it, we consider it a taboo.

The lack of proper sex education and the taboos surrounding its discussion, creates even more dark shadows around sexuality.

In a world where contraception is easily available, we should all enjoy intimacy to the fullest.

You have got one life and you are going to Die one day. You even do not know, if tomorrow you will be alive or not. The youth age is also very short.

So live your life to the fullest and enjoy one of the greatest gift that nature has presented to youths: Sexuality.

Let us together create a sexually open and rational society. Where Sexuality will be Embraced and Enjoyed.

“I Love this blog. It has opened my mind and made me a free spirit..”

“I have always thought about the taboo rules we surround ourselves when it comes to sexuality. Everybody has the right to enjoy sexuality to the fullest. I think everybody wants their girlfriend to be sexually open but not their sisters or mothers. We need to give women the right to have an open sex life.”
Samiya Mumtaj
HR Manager

“We need to be educated about Sexuality..”

“We are taught about all subjects such as science, history, geography philosophy etc. but we are never taught about sexuality. Relationships and sexuality makes significant part of our life and we must be taught about it in our schools and this blog is doing the same. I really thank the admin for opening such a website where we can learn and discuss about sexuality openly.”
Ajith Ramalingam

“India needs to become a Sexually Open Society..”

“This website is the need of the hour for the present time. So many women live a sexually repressed life just because of this society. Everybody has the right to quench their sexual hunger. We should all live our life on our own terms and not bother about what others think. Lets create an Open Sex Society.”
Archana Singh
MA, Psychology